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IT Support Help Desk

A comprehensive range of IT support for businesses of all industries.

Our Managed IT Support is one of our main focuses. Our services will enable your business to operate more efficiently and effectively without stressing about IT issues that takes the confidence away from your business. While offering a variety of support options, they are completely transparent and can be managed by your own managers. Many of these options include telephone support, remote support, and hardware support, all while including complete service desk performance reports, provided as a standard.

Wordpress, Magento, Shopify
Asset Management
Incident Managemen
Problem Management
Knowledgeable Management,
iPhone & Android Smartphone Compatible testing
Multi channel ticket management
E-mail, Web portal, Twitter, Facebook, Phone and Chat Live Support
End user support (that is offering support to your customers end users)
Multiple Website helper
Good for multiple companies or websites and wanted to offer customer support for all your companies through central help desk.
Multiple products and branded helpdesk for each product.
Wordpress, Magento, Shopify Management